If you’re looking for a cat-back exhaust system, we’ve rounded up a list of the best exhaust brands available to you and dug into their background a bit. Read on to learn more.

11 Best Exhaust Brands:

#1CORSA 14328 Cat-Back Exhaust SystemCorsaStainless Steel ConstructionEasy Bolt-On Installation
#2MagnaFlow 15160MagnaFlowStainless Steel ConstructionStraight Through Mufflers
#3Borla 140356BorlaStainless Steel Multi-core Technology
#4Banks 51313Banks PowerNAMonster Exhaust System
#5Flowmaster Exhaust SystemsFlowmaster409 stainless steel constructionSuper aggressive sound level
#6aFe Power Exhaust SystemsaFe PowerMandrel Bent Stainless Steel TubingFits with most aftermarket Evap skid plates
#7MBRP ExhaustMBRPMandrel Bent TubingInstalls with common hand tools
#8Gibson ExhaustGibsonMandrel Bent Stainless TubingAll hardware for easy bolt on installation
#9DynoMax ExhaustDynoMaxNADyno proven to flow up to 700 SCFM
#10Hooker ExhaustHolley (Hooker / Flowtech)Stainless Steel Perforated Exhaust CoreBi-Directional Exhaust Flow Design
#11Cherry Bomb ExhaustAP Exhaust (Cherry Bomb / Silverline)NANA

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#1 – Corsa – Winner Best Exhaust Brand

CORSA Exhaust Systems

Corsa have worked hard over the past two decades to build a reputation for superior exhaust systems that don’t feature any of the drone that many replacement exhausts are plagued by. The technology they developed, known as Reflective Sound Cancellation, is now a point of pride for them.

And they implement RSC along with other technologies into every one of their mufflers to ensure that you can fully enjoy the experience of an aftermarket exhaust kit.

Their story stretches back to 1998 when they first developed RSC, and they have continued that dedication to achieving their goal of perfecting the science of sound. To that end, Corsa manufacture their products to meet one of three levels of sound performance.

Their most moderate Touring designation is quiet at idle, but provides a bit more noise during acceleration. Sport is their most popular level, providing a distinct rumble at idle, and then a high performance aggressive sound while accelerating. Their Xtreme level is the most aggressive, resulting in a scream at high RPMs building up from a deep growl at idle.

CORSA Exhaust Systems

In 2012 Corsa decided to take their passion for performance and advanced manufacturing techniques and apply them to the air intake market, where they’ve gone on to pioneer a new range of technologies, still focused on getting the best sound and the most power. All their products get tested on dynamometers and analyzed through a variety of simulations.dynamometers and analyzed through a variety of simulations.

Based out of Cleveland, they’re continuously developing their products and techniques to ensure competitive products that meet customer expectations.continuously developing their products and techniques to ensure competitive products that meet customer expectations.

#2 – MagnaFlow

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems

Operating out of Oceanside, California, MagnaFlow was the natural offshoot of Car Sound Exhaust System. Originally focused on the development of catalytic converters, MagnaFlow was established to work on the rest of the exhaust system. Now, with over thirty years of experience, they are as dedicated to their philosophy of quality, power and sound as they ever were.

Throughout it all, they’ve proudly manufactured all their products in the USA, and make use of only premium technologies. From a quality perspective, they conform to the ISO-9001 standard’s guidelines and are thus able to provide lifetime warranties against manufacturing defects on many of their products.

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems for Jeep

To ensure they’re always setting the pace when it comes to performance, MagnaFlow make use of their large R&D test center which contains two dynamometers, a flow bench and sound testing equipment. Every new car gets analyzed here and a new product is developed specifically for it and its unique performance attributes.

MagnaFlow are a market leader when it comes to exhaust products, and they continue to produce good quality parts comprising high grade aluminized and stainless steel, offering a wide selection of options for every car.

#3 – Borla

Borla Performance Exhaust Systems

Taking its name from its founders, Alyse and Alex Borla, Borla exhausts aim to build excitement. With offices in both California and Tennessee, Borla has pioneered a number of design and manufacturing techniques for stainless steel performance exhausts. In a similar vein to Corsa,

In a similar vein to Corsa, key to any of their designs is the minimization of drone. They achieve this by not unnecessarily enlarging pipe diameters. Keeping diameters low results in a faster airflow velocity and higher frequency noises.

Over the years Borla have won numerous “Best new Product” awards, and put that down to their continued use of austenitic stainless steel, which is mandrel bent, and welded. This ensures an accurate fit, as easy as installing a stock product.

Borla High Performance Exhaust Systems

Borla work with a number of racing contacts to provide products in the competitive world. The same technology applied there goes into their street products, and results in an average power increase of 7-10 horsepower when accelerating. At the same time these same gains are able to improve gas mileage when cruising.

When considering quality, Borla ensure the use of only top notch components. To impress on you their dedication to providing long-lasting products, Borla offer a million-mile warranty on all their cat-back exhaust systems.

#4 – Banks Power

Banks Power Exhaust Systems

One of the oldest names in the industry, Banks Power was founded by, still president, Gale Banks back in 1958. Since then he has gone on to form one of the largest performance part manufacturing companies around.

Currently based out of Azusa, California, Banks Power manufacturers every type of performance part one can imagine, from exhaust and intake systems, to transmission management, electronics and intercoolers, Banks Power covers it all.

Besides Gale Banks’ knowledge of engines and engineering, he has cultivated a crack team of engineers and manufacturers who follow product design through from prototype to manufactured product. This way the ball is never dropped and the final product exactly matches its specifications.

Banks Power Exhaust Systems

Banks Power’s performance exhaust systems are manufactured from 100% stainless steel, constant diameter tubes that are mandrel bent. Their polished stainless steel straight-through mufflers are sound tested to provide a rich sound, without the risk of drone. In contrast to Borla’s design methodology, Banks Power focus on increasing airflow but reducing exhaust temperature.

The standard Monster Exhaust offered by Banks Power has a 4” inlet and outlet, with a straight through design, no winding hairpins causing backpressure. The end result is a droneless, throaty rumble.

#5 – Flowmaster

Flowmaster High Performance Exhaust

Flowmaster operates from two manufacturing facilities in California, one located in Santa Rosa, and the other in West Sacramento. They’ve been operating since 1983 and were founded by Ray Flugger.

They were conceived in response to a growing sound problem at California race tracks. From there Flowmaster have gone on to develop a number of patents which they continue to implement on their products.

Flowmaster’s mission is simple. They want to deliver the best exhaust products to the market. By continuously innovating, making use of the most advanced manufacturing, and tugging on their over 30 years of experience, they continue to build high quality exhaust products.

Flowmaster High Performance Exhaust

With a strong R&D department, Flowmaster can guarantee that they are always at the forefront of exhaust technology and are quickly able to adapt to new conditions presented by the ever-increasing quantity of cars on the market.

Having slightly expanded their market, exhaust systems are still at the core of their business. Each product is offered in various combinations so that you can pick not only a visual style, but a sound style as well that you want for your vehicle.

Their range of sounds start on the soft side with Force ll, step up to the dBx series, go into aggressive mode with the American Thunder and top out the range with their race-orientated Outlaw Series.

If you’re looking for an American made product with lots of variety, Flowmaster continue to deliver.

#6 – aFe Power

aFe’s Exhaust Systems

Advanced Flow Engineering, or aFe as they are more commonly known are a performance part manufacturer based in Corona, California. Founded in 1999, they have continued to expand into the organization they are to today. Beyond exhaust systems, they manufacture air filters, intake manifolds, turbochargers, programmers and much, much more.

They have a distinct focus on the diesel truck performance aftermarket, but naturally cover the entire off-road vehicle spectrum. They do also produce some products for other performance vehicles.

All of aFe’s exhaust systems are designed for performance. Each tube is mandrel bent and made out of high grade stainless steel. The exhaust systems further come with free-flowing mufflers and one can choose from a variety of stainless steel exhaust tips. Each kit is designed to fit as well as the stock item, making use of the same mountings.

aFe Power Exhaust for Jeep

Each exhaust system is uniquely designed for a specific car and aims to provide an aggressive sound that fits the vehicle and meets customer expectations. All the kits are completely handcrafted in the US and held together by TIG or MIG welding.

#7 – MBRP

MBRP Exhaust Systems

MBRP are all about performance exhausts. They started off life over 20 years ago with their B&B Eliminator snowmobile silencer. After progressing on through ATVs, they now manufacture parts for the motorsport industry as well as cars and trucks. Their product range has also stretched to include off-road suspension and lighting products.

MBRP’s new sport line of exhaust products feature a unique flow through muffler that was initially developed for the off-shore marine market. The resulting muffler though improves performance, provides cooler operating temperatures and most importantly generates a deep, mellow sound.

MBRP Dual Exhaust

MBRP has grown rapidly in the last decade, most notably due to their dedication to excellence. For each vehicle MBRP offer several products of differing design and specification. The systems are built to perform and proven on the dynamometer. The aluminized or stainless steel products guarantee better flow and a long life.

#8 – Gibson

Gibson Performance Exhaust

Gibson Performance Exhaust has an interesting history. While others regale with stories of race cars and mustangs, Ron and Julie Gibson had a simpler desire. Their motorhome just didn’t have enough power or torque, and no product on the market was going to help them. As such they set about starting their own company, hiring designers and manufacturers that have lead them to the position they’re in today.

From the start their goal has always been to develop a cost-effective system that delivers more performance per dollar than any other. In the early 90s, friends requested their help in the sports truck arena, and now Gibson are a leading manufacturer of high performance exhaust systems across the board.

Gibson Exhaust Systems for Jeep

Each product is designed for easy installation which results in a professional appearance. Their products are all made from aluminized or stainless steel and are engineered to derive maximum performance from the engine they’re coupled to.

For each car, Gibson manufacture a variety of exhaust products. Their Metal Mulisha range of products offer the most aggressive sound with a trademarked Metal Mulisha Skull tip. On the lighter side of things, you can opt for a well-priced aluminized steel exhaust with a polished tip that still provides an aggressive note, but thanks to their baffled and chambered design without internal packing, you’re assured a drone-free experience.

#9 – DynoMax

Dynomax Exhaust Systems

DynoMax are a leading manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust systems. They’re owned by the American Fortune 500 company, Tenneco. They offer a wide range of mufflers which they couple to their own manufactured tubing to provide full exhaust systems. Each muffler uses their special CRF technology to absorb unwanted resonance, while still maintaining a deep performance tone.

DynoMax are so sure of their products that they offer a 90-day risk free trial. During this time, if you’re not happy with the sound your new exhaust system is making, you can return the product for a full refund. Along with sound, DynoMax products are guaranteed to perform, with a boost in both power and torque.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-risk item to test out on your car, you can’t go wrong with DynoMax.

#10 – Holley (Hooker / Flowtech)

Holley Flowtech Hooker Exhaust Systems

Holley are a large performance parts company based out of Kentucky. Initially a major carburetor producer, they now oversee the operations of many different brands throughout the performance automotive market.

Two of Holley’s acquisitions in the exhaust field include Hooker and Flowtech who continue to manufacture products under their individual brands, but in mostly non-competing markets. Flowtech focus on the domestic market especially pickups and muscle cars, while Hooker have a broader range.

Both brands offer top quality exhaust systems designed with performance in mind. Manufactured from stainless steel, they are optimized for high flow and drone reduction.

#11 – AP Exhaust (Cherry Bomb / Silverline)

Cherry Bomb Exhaust Systems

Based in Goldsboro, North Carolina, AP Exhaust Technologies manufacture a large lineup of automotive, light truck and commercial vehicle exhaust products. They have been operating for 90 years and sell their products under a number of brands, Cherry Bomb and Silverline included.

Cherry Bomb seem to focus on the specialist, offering a full range of individual parts from which you can customize your own exhaust kit and Silverline offering pretested configurations for the sport compact and diesel truck markets.


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking a product for your car. Although companies can’t make a perfect product every time, knowing a bit more about a specific brand’s history can help you make a more informed decision, or even just give you a better feeling that if something goes wrong, the manufacturer will have your back.

This list is then not to say you must only go buy one manufacturer’s products, but if you’re faced with a decision between competing products, you can use our list of best exhaust brands to add some light to that decision.

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