If you have a 7.3 Powerstroke, then the air filter is an extremely important thing to consider. Without a proper air filter, your 7.3 Powerstroke will not be as effective, and your car will not run properly. A good air filter can extend your engine life and improve your fuel consumption. Keep reading to see how the 5 Best Air Filters for a 7.3 Powerstroke.

If you do not know anything about car filters, then it can be hard to know where to start. That is why we put together this guide on the best air filters for a 7.3 Powerstroke. Each product on our list has been chosen based on quality, price, and overall effectiveness. 

Without any further ado, let’s get to it. 

5 Best Air Filters for 7.3 Powerstroke

RankPictureProductWhere To Buy
#1Motorcraft-FA1750Motorcraft FA1750Amazon
#3KN-Engine-Air-FilterK&N Engine Air FilterAmazon
#4Motorcraft FA1757Motorcraft FA1757Amazon
#5fram extra guard air filterFRAM Extra GuardAmazon

5 Best Air Filters for 7.3 Powerstroke

1. Motorcraft FA1750 – Best Overall

5 Best Air Filters for 7.3 Powerstroke
Motorcraft FA1750

Up first on our list of the 5 Best Air Filters for a 7.3 Powerstroke is the Motorcraft FA1750. The Motorcraft has won our pick for the best ford Powerstroke filter due to its durability, material, and overall speed and performance. The Motorcraft provides up to 2 times the protection compared to similar filters and improves airflow while also preventing dirt and dust from getting into the engine. This product is made from a high-density foam that can last for 12,000 miles before needing to be replaced. The Motorcraft is a top-tier air filter and works great for any car that has a 7.3 Powerstroke. 

The Motorcraft is also leak-proof so it improves fuel efficiency by not allowing any intaken air to leak out through the corners. It also comes with a very generous 12-month warranty so you can buy it without worry and get a replacement in case anything goes wrong. It is also temperature resistant and can operate well in both hot and cold environments. The Motorcraft is rated for having a 98.5% efficiency standard. 


  • 13.8” x 7.1” x 3.7” (LxWxH)
  •  Parts included: 1
  • 1.15 pounds


  • High-density material
  • 98.5% efficiency rating
  • Generous 12-month warranty
  • 12,000-mile life


  • Might be some fitting issues
  • Quality control issues

2. ECOGARD XA5446 – Best Value


Up in second place on our list of the 5 Best Air Filters for a 7.3 Powerstroke is the ECOGARD XA5446, our pick for the best value filter for a Ford Powerstroke. The ECOGARD is a super heavy-duty filter that works for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. The product can prevent wear and tear and ensure that your engine gets the clean air it needs to run efficiently. The ECOGARD is also very affordable and costs much less than it would take to get your filter replaced by the dealership. It also is very easy to install and requires no special tools or techniques. 

The ECOGARD has optimized performance that syncs well with its affordable price. It can ensure that your engine gets the quality air it needs without breaking the bank. 


  • 13.3” x 7.3” x 3.8”
  • Parts included – 1+
  • 1.4 pounds


  • Very affordable
  • Long life (12,000 miles)
  • Excellent manufacturer reputation
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles


  • Some fitting problems
  • No warranty

3. K&N Engine Air Filter – Best Premium

K&N Engine Air Filter

Third on our list of the 5 Best Air Filters for 7.3 Powerstroke is the K&N Engine Air Filter. This high-performance filter won our pick for the best premium pick dues to its incredible build and quality materials. The best feature of the K&N is that it is reusable and washable. When it is dirty, you can simply take it out, hose it off, and it will be as good as new. It has a 10-year/million-mile limited warranty, so you can get it replaced if it breaks, and it can improve your acceleration by 10%.  The K&N claims it can help you save over $250 a year in maintenance costs. It lasts as long as 10 similarly priced disposable filters. 

The K&N is also very eco-friendly. The material is non-toxic, and cleaning it will not damage the environment. It can last for up to 50,000 miles before you need to clean it for the first time. Basically, if you buy this product, you will not have to get another filter for a very long time. 


  • 17.13” x 8.25” x 1.75”
  • Parts included – 1+
  • 2.07 pounds


  • Washable and reusable
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Improve acceleration by 10%
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • 50,000 miles before the first clean


  • Slightly pricey
  • Fitting issues

4. Motorcraft FA1757

Motorcraft FA1757

On the list of the 5 best air filters in a 7.3 Powerstroke, in fourth place is the Motorcraft FA1757. The Motorcraft is made from a highly efficient foam material that effectively filters the cold air intake and withstands both oil and moisture. It has an extra-large size which means that it can go longer before having to be replaced. The High-density foam is also leak-proof, so it improves fuel economy by not letting fuel vapors escape from your Ford Powerstroke. 

The best part of the Motorcraft is how durable it is. It lasts nearly twice as long as a normal filter and can last up to 2 years before needing to be replaced.


  • 14.5” x 9.1” x 6.9”
  • Parts included – 1+
  •  2.5 pounds


  • Extra durable
  • Long life
  • Excellent quality materials


  • Very large, fitting issues
  • No warranty

5. FRAM Extra Guard

fram extra guard air filter
FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter

Last but not least on our roundup is the FRAM Extra Guard. The FRAM is made from a high-density foam material that provides 2 times the protection to your Ford Powerstroke than a normal commercially available filter. The FRAM can improve performance, has the superior dirt-holding capacity, and can lengthen your engine’s lifespan. One of the best features of the FRAM is its filter media mesh that effectively doubles the filter efficiency. 

The FRAM also has an extra thick design that improves how long it can go before needing to be replaced. It can last for up to 12,000 miles before needing to be changed. It is one of the best products you can get for your 7.3 Ford Powerstroke. 


  • 7.52” x 3.62” x 13.62”
  • Parts included – 1+
  • 1.15 pounds


  • Superior quality
  • Double filter efficiency
  • Affordable
  • Good shipping policy


  • Sizing issues
  • Quality control issues

Air Filter Buying Guide

Most people do not know much about Ford Powerstroke engines or their parts. As such, they can kind of be at a loss when they are shopping around for parts like an air filter. To help those people out, we put together this comprehensive air filter guide so you have all the relevant information you need to make a smart decision when purchasing and replacing your air filters for your 7.3 Ford Powerstroke.

Air Filter Benefits

There are lots of reasons why you should keep a clean replacement filter for your Ford Powerstroke Here are just a few of them. 

  • Better fuel efficiency. Air filters make sure that your car or truck gets enough air so that the fuel can combust and run the engine. If your air filter is dirty, there will not be enough air, and you will end up wasting fuel and causing engine wear. A clean replacement filter ensures that your fuel is burning efficiently, and you get the most out of your fuel economy for your Powerstroke.
  • Protect your engine. While driving your car or truck, you will get assaulted by all kinds of things: bugs, leaves, dirt, dust, and more. These kinds of debris can damage components and ruin performance. A clean replacement cold air filter keeps all those bad things from getting into your engine and causing problems. 
  • Longer life. By the same token, keeping a clean cold air filter can improve your engine quality and lengthen its life. Clean air keeps your engine safe from external debris and makes sure that it runs efficiently, so it will last longer. 
  • Lower emissions. Keeping a clean air filter also makes sure that the emission system is doing its job. If you have a dirty filter, then the emission system will not work properly, and your car or truck will expel more pollutants. 

What to Look for When Buying a Cold Air Filter for 7.3 Ford Powerstroke

When shopping around for a new air filter for your Ford Powerstroke 7.3, make sure to keep the following considerations in mind. 

Intake air vs. Regular air filter. Many people think that these two terms are interchangeable, but they are not. Cold air intake filter products have an intake tube with a cold air intake filter element at the end and allow a more precise channeling of air that gets funneled into the piece. These kinds of air filter products can improve horsepower by providing a more direct injection of air. That is why this kind of product is often found in sports cars and trucks. 

Regular box filters are the more common option and are essentially a simple rectangle with a cold air intake tube placed across the front. These kinds of air filters are designed to maximize airflow and are commonly found in most cars, Powerstroke diesel engines included. 

MPR and MERVA. MPR stands for “microparticle performance rating” and refers to the ability of the filter to filter out airborne particles that are smaller than 1 micron (1 micron = 0.001mm). Most common cold air intake filters for a car or truck have an MPR rating between 1,500-and 1,900. The higher the MPR, the smaller particles the air intake filter is designed to capture. 

MERV stands for “minimum efficiency reporting value” and refers to how fine the filtration is. The MERV rating is developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The higher the number, the better the product is at filtering. The best air intake filters have a MERV rating of 10 or higher.

Location. The area where you live is also important to consider. For example, if you live in a place where you frequently must drive through dusty or gravel roads, then you need to buy a high-quality filter that can filter out all of those bad particles, so they do not damage your car. You will also have to replace your air filter more frequently if you live in one of these areas.   

Brand. You should also consider the brand of air filter that you buy. The brand is not everything, but it is something that you should consider. Some of the most popular air filters for your car or truck include K&N, Spectre, TruXP, AEM, Injen, aFe, Airaid, Green Filters, Takeda, and Volant. 

Things to Avoid When Buying Air Filters for Your 7.3 Ford Powerstroke

Here are some things that you should watch out for when you are shopping around for an air filter. 

Low micron rating. If your filter has a bad micron rating, then it will not be as effective at filtering particles out. This in turn will make it so your motor gets dirty quicker, which can affect its performance and overall lifespan. 

Poor materials. You should also look out for filters made from bad materials. The worst material that you can get a filter made out of is paper. Paper filters are notoriously low quality, and it doesn’t help that many cars come with stock filters made out of paper. So if your car has paper filters, you should look into getting those replaced as quickly as possible. 

High airflow filters.  In general, high airflow filters are a good thing and can greatly improve your car’s engine performance. However, they can be a detriment in some cases and may not be as effective as other kinds of air filters. Since high airflow filters intake more air, there is the risk that they can make your engine dirty if you drive in a place that has a lot of debris in the air, like dust, dirt, or sand. Also, high airflow filters can pick up and introduce water to your air intake, so you should avoid these if you drive in a place that receives a lot of rain. 

Types of Filters

Type of air filters. Most vehicles come with a pre-installed air filter, but if you want to replace it there are several options of the kind that you can pick. 

  • Paper filters are most often the stock kind that comes with the car. As the name implies, these kinds of filters are made from paper and are usually fragile and will not last the life of your vehicle. As such, it is not recommended that you get a paper replacement filter for your air intake. 
  • Oil bath filters have an oil or fluid-soaked medium that catches contaminants and particles that make their way into the engine. Oil bath filters are relatively old and may not be as common as they used to be. 
  • Stock replacement filters are designed to replace the stock air filters that come with your car and are mostly made from quality materials that can stand up to a lot of abuse. Very often, replacement filters are washable and reusable. These kinds of filters are often made from foam or cloth. 
  • High-performance filters are usually made from a dense material of cotton gauze. These kinds of filters are highly effective, but they also tend to be rather expensive. These kinds of filters are the best if you frequently drive in a place with a lot of dirt, dust, gravel, and sand. A cotton gauze filter will ensure that your engine is protected and give it a long life. 

Air Filter FAQs

Your car engine needs a mixture of outside airflow and fuel to properly combust. As such, the carburetor of your engine draws in air and mixes it with the fuel. Airflow filters exist to keep dirt and other particulate matter out of the engine so that it can draw in clean air to combust with the fuel. 

Replacing your air filter at regular intervals can improve your car’s engine life, improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and also prevent engine damage from particulate matter. 

You should replace your air filter at least once per year. Certain types of high-performance products may only require to be changed once every other year. The frequency of replacement also depends on how often you drive. The more you drive, the more often you will have to replace your air filter. 

Symptoms of a bad air filter that needs to be replaced include poor fuel consumption, misfiring engine, unusual engine sounds, reduced horsepower, black smoke or sooty exhaust, the smell of gasoline, and loud engine idling. 

Air filters on a 7.3 Ford Powerstroke are located directly under the hood, right behind the battery. You can remove the air filter by hand after removing the cold air intake filter stock airbox cover. Remove the intake box lid and follow the installation instructions and use the filter kit.

Changing the filter is very easy and should not take more than a few minutes. All you need to do is open the hood, remove the cold air intake filter box cover, pull out the old filter, and replace it with the new one. 


So there you have it, the 5 best air filters for your 7.3 Ford Powerstroke engine. Air filters are an integral part of a car’s operation, and a good replacement filter can greatly improve your car’s performance or engine life, so it’s a good purchase. Check out other accessories here.