Window tints are a great upgrade on any vehicle. They bring a variety of benefits through their use which will help you in several ways. With tint on your windows, you can enjoy a cooler car on hot days, more privacy in your vehicle, and – always important – a sweet new look. To help you out, here’s our list of the best window tints that you can find.

Best Window Tint Film Comparison

#1 – LEXEN Computer Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit

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LEXEN is a company that specializes in creating quality tints for all sorts of rides. Their tints have come to be known as some of the industry’s most high-quality products in their field. With a LEXEN tint on your window, you are sure to be satisfied.

This particular LEXEN product is model specific and cuts specifically to your car’s window shape. The kits come in shades of 50%, 35%, 15%, and 5%, giving you a wide range of options. These tints are scratch-resistant and block 99% of UV rays. They are also non-reflective. Manufactured from 2PLY, these tints are chip dyed in polyester for a deep coat. Additionally, they come with LEXEN’s 3-year film warranty.

This product comes highly reviewed by customers. On Amazon, this tint has scored a 4.1 out of 5 stars, pointing to a quality product. Unfortunately, some people have trouble with the application process of the tint, but this is a problem with any tint film. Those who do get the tint on love it, though. It appears that some operator error is cause for a drop in star rating so this product is probably even better than those who gave it 1 star realized. Some reviewers even pointed out that buying several of these kits is cheaper than a professional installation so you could even afford to give yourself a few tries. Altogether, it looks like, with proper installation, this is the best window tint available today.

#2 – LEXEN Automotive Window Tint Uncut

Again, LEXEN’s reputation shines through on our list of the best window tints on the market. This product serves to bolster LEXEN’s status as an industry leader that consistently turns out quality products. Whether you are buying pre-cut or uncut tint, it looks like LEXEN is the best window tint manufacturer.

This uncut roll of tint film comes as a part of a kit. The kit includes a razor knife for cutting your shape, a yellow squeegee to use for applying the tint, and detailed instructions to help you with your installation. This tint is also scratch-resistant and blocks harmful sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The film comes in the standard black-gray color.

Looking at reviews, it looks like the only trouble with this tint is physically installing it. You won’t find any reviews about the product itself being bad, but you will see reviews saying that certain customers couldn’t get the tint to install how they wanted to. It apparently takes a lot of patience and maybe even a little bit of practice to perfect installing the tint. However, this is the case with installing any tint yourself so this worry probably isn’t specific to this product.

#3 – Gila Basic VLT Automotive Window Tint

Gila comes in as the second-best manufacturer of window tints on our list with our third favorite product. Gila has been making window tints as long as anybody and their practice clearly shows. Their superior manufacturing shines through in their tints – unlike the sunlight that hits them.

This Gila product utilizes an “EZ mount” adhesive to try to help ease your installation process. The tint itself is deeply dyed for color retention, even after decades of exposure to plenty of suns. The tint even rejects up to 94% of glare to save your eyes some strain. To secure your investment in your vehicle, Gila offers a two-year warranty on this tint so you don’t need to worry about having a faulty product.

Reviews of this product point to a few mild concerns. First, it looks like some people have issues with installation – less than shocking. Second, it looks like Gila changed the coloring of their tint over the course of the years so some motorists noted that their old tints didn’t match their new tints. So, if you aren’t trying to match old Gila tints to new ones, this is still no problem for you. Therefore, this tint appears to be as good as any and a worthwhile buy.

#4 – OxGord Black Reflective Car Window Tint VLT

The next entry on our list comes from OxGord. Parts made by OxGord are, according to them, only made from the highest quality materials to make certain of high durability. Their products are well-respected and plenty worthy of your consideration for your next window tint.

This tinting kit comes with a full 20 by the 10-foot roll, cutting knife, and tint spreader to help you with installation. The tints come in 35% or 50% so that you can get your desired amount of privacy and sunlight protection. Additionally, they are reflective for an extra bit of effectiveness. At just $11, this tint could give you everything that you need out of a window tinting kit at a nice, low price.

As is typical of window tinting kits, it looks like this product suffers from the same issue of people blaming the product for their own difficulty with installation. In fact, we couldn’t find a single Amazon review that pointed to the product itself being of poor quality. Reviewers only made mention of how difficult they found installing their window tint. So, with enough patience, you could have a great window tint with OxGord’s tinting kit.

#5 – Gila Static Cling VLT Automotive Window Tint

Gila once again makes it onto our list with another quality product. Again, it is obvious with this tint that Gila takes pride in their work, repeating their earlier work.

This 5% tint is just as dark as you want it to be. It rejects up to 94% of glare and keeps your car cool and private. With this tint, there is no need for any adhesive so you don’t have to worry about having a messed-up window if you ever want to take it off. The tint clings onto your window with the power of static for a nice, tight fit. To pack onto the value of this product, Gila has attached their two-year limited warranty to it.

Reviewers note that this tint is a little different from what they expected due to the static cling adhesion that this product uses. Rather than a traditional film, this product is sort of thicker like a rubber coating. But customers say it still does the job. Additionally, some noted that the tint is actually a little bit bluer from the inside looking out.

#6 – Black Magic Insta Cling Window Tint Jumbo

Auto Expressions is a company that makes high-quality, easy-to-use tints. Their tints are loved by their customers and would make a great addition to your ride. They also make other products for customizing your vehicle so that you can drive in style.

This easy-to-apply tint clings onto your car windows via static cling. No glues or adhesives are necessary. It is removable and reusable because of this and comes in various shades and degrees of darkness. This particular roll of tint measures 26 by 78 inches, giving you plenty of product to work with. With this easy-to-use product, there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with your new tint job.

According to customer reviews, this product is well worth the purchase. At 4.0 out of 5 stars, it looks like this is pretty easy to apply film for your car or truck. This is a pretty high rating for a tint film when you account for people who leave bad reviews because they struggled with installation. All told, this is a great tint to use on your vehicle and deserves your consideration for being the best window tint for you.

Window Tint Buyer’s Guide

Need a little more information about window tinting in general? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a bit more to go on so that you can find the best window tint for you.

Window Tint Film Types

There are four types of window tint film.

  1. Dyed: Dyed window tint film is the cheapest kind and blocks rays using the dye in the film.
  2. Metalized: Metallized film also reflects light but does so through the use of tiny metallic particulates.
  3. Carbon: The third type of tint film is carbon film, a dark matte-finished option that blocks even infrared light.
  4. Ceramic: Last, there is ceramic film. This film type is the highest quality and helps your windows block light, keep you cool, and even be more shatterproof.

Automotive Window Tint Laws

In every state, there are laws regarding window tinting. But they are all different. Some states go as far as not allowing any window tinting at all. Generally speaking, most states have requirements that you can’t tint your front windshield past the top 3 to 5 inches, and your other windows can’t be tinted past 35%. It is also common that the tinting for the front windows must be lighter.

Where to Get Windows Tinted

In case you don’t feel up to installing your tinting yourself, there are shops that you can visit to get the job done for you. Check your local area for a quality tinting specialist.

Best window tint: FAQs

The legality of your window tint depends on which state you are in. As we mentioned previously, it is common for states to ask that your driver’s windows be lighter than your passenger windows. Some states don’t allow window tinting at all but it is common to see an allowance of up to 35%.

To remove window tint, there are a few different methods you can use. The easiest is with a steamer. The steamer will melt the glue or break the static cling of your tint and you will be able to peel it off like cellophane. Another method is to cut a small tab out of your tint and then spray the open slit with soapy water. You will then be able to peel the tint a little bit, but it will come off irregularly. You’ll have to repeat this process as many times as needed to get the tint off. You’ll also have to wash your window once you are done. There are the two most common methods you will see, but you can certainly try a few others that you can find on the internet.

You’ll be able to find window tint film at most auto parts stores. You can also normally find it in the auto parts sections of department stores. A third option would be to find some right here on the internet!

The simplest answer? However much it takes to cover your windows. It is also good to note, though, that you may want to buy a little extra if you have never applied window tinting yourself. It can be a bit of a tricky process that you may need more material to practice with.

Some say that the process to let your tint fully dry can be up to a month but, with a lot of suns, your tint should be dry after two days. We also recommend not rolling down your windows for 24 hours at the absolute least.

To find the best window tint, you have to figure out what aspects of your tint are right for you. Do you want to avoid glue in your installation process? Find a static cling tint. Want a certain color? Find a hue that reflects your attitude. Altogether, it is up to you which is the best window tint.

Usually, you start with the window down about halfway. Installing a window tint is done by pressing a squeegee on it. You first press the squeegee in the middle of the window and work outwards in all directions. You then roll the window up little by little, pressing the tint onto the window gradually as you work upwards.

Best window tint: Conclusion

The best window tint for your car, truck, or SUV is out there. You just have to find which one is right for you. The installation process is mostly the same for any tinting, but the overall effect can differ slightly. Some tints can look bluer from the inside, for example. But all the tints available on our list will add privacy to your ride while keeping it cooler by blocking out the sun. Certainly, the best window tint that you are looking for is here on this list. It is only a matter of which you choose.

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